“County-wide tax could shift civic center site: St. Angel” – 1975, Home Rule is only city not county tax

Far left column continues:  see below        The MetroCentre events began in Feb. 1982

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 1-24-1975


Other county suggestions for location of a civic center included Springfield and Meridian; on Airport property along the river; and “near the Tollway.”

“New taxes urged for civic center” – 1975, home rule added tax

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/24/2012

Second column, last full paragraph refers to ability to levy additional tax to city motels and hotels under Home Rule

The civic center (which became MetroCentre) was proposed in the 1920’s (see The Roper Plan) and voted down each time it was proposed in an election for 50 years until the MetroCentre was built.