Main St., South, 114

Henderson, J., plumber under C. Withrow, S. Main

Source:  1876 Rockford City Directory

Clarke, Edward W., wks. C. & I. RR, rooms 114 S. Main. Clark, Miss V.L., dressmaker, room 20, over 114 S. Main, res same Miss S. Anna Davenport, chief opr C.U. Tel Co, res 114 S Main. Drew, Miss C., dressmaker, room 11, over 114 S. Main, res. same. F. Friedman, clothing, 114 S. Main, res 107 N. Horsman. Nils Hanssen, tailor Merchant Tailor Stock Co., bds 114 S. Main. Mrs. L. Hartwell, millinery, room 2, over 114 S. Main, res. same. Lewis Hollett, res 114 S. Main.

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Masters Shoe Co. and Hand Tooled Leather Co and Evelyn Beauty Shop

Source: 1930 Rockford City Directory


Main St. South, 114

Miss F. B. Keeler, dressmaking, over 114 S. Main, res same Mrs. A. H. Hartwell, millinery, over 114 S Main, res same

Source: 1880 Rockford City Directory

Myrre, Nels Hansen, tailor, bds 114 S Main

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

David Turkenkopf, clothier and hatter; James Hulme, constable; H.J. Slagle, lawyer, real estate W.E. Griggs

Source: 1905 & 1911 Rockford City Directory

David Turkentoph, W.T. Jackson, tailor

Source: 1916 Rockford City Directory

David Turkentoph, clothier, W T Jackson, tailor, Royal Arcanum Hall (fraternal benefit society)

Source: 1921 Rockford City Directory

Rockford Checker Club, Meyer Herman, tailor, David Turkentoph, clothing

Source: 1926 Rockford City Directory