1623 Crosby St. – house history



Source of photo:  Jeff Aulik, 2016

Prior to being divided into individual lots, a larger piece of land, Prospect on the East, Crosby St. on the North, not quite to East State St. on the South and Smith Ave. on the West, belonged to the Walter Anglemire Estate.  See 1892 atlas, also see “Buy Three Lots on Prospect for Home” RR 3/26/1919. Anglemire Will, R Morning Star 3/26/1919.

Building permit to construct house 3/4/1922 to Richard Sjostrom.  House originally built for Julian N. and Elsie (Carlson) Hanson.  Julian was the founder of Hanson Clock Co. at 1120  11th St., and was a partner in Hanson Jewelry Co.  He worked at Sundstrand the last 11 years of his life. The family resided in the house from late 1922 – 1926.  They had 2 sons, Robert J. Hanson, b. 1922, and Richard O. Hanson, b. 1926.  The Hansons moved to 208 Miriam Ave. Julian died in 1953, and Elsie in 1972.

Hugh F. and Annette (Lynch) Terry were the second owners. Childless.  Head of a chain of confectionary stores bearing his name, died from carbon monoxide fumes from his car. Accident? Suicide? RRR 10-17-1933 Married about 12 years. Native of Mayfield, KY.  Came to Rockford 10 years ago.  His first store was at 311 7th St. Added confectionaries at 1506 N Main and 1007 Broadway.  He worked at Hess & Hopkins Leather Co. for a short time before he went into confectionary business.

1937 – 1946  Walter and Carrie (Preston) Burwell (1885-1960) former executive Rockford National Bank and Associate J.B. and Loren L. Whitehead Inc. real estate business; r 1623 Crosby St. moved a few blocks away to 628 Bohm in 1946-47.  Childless.

1947 – (1955)  Howard and Shirley Lindmark, pres. Mark Tool Works Inc. [329 S. Wyman St.} r 1623 Crosby St. Son: Gerald D. Lindmark.  June 1941: “Model Racing Car Sets New Mark at 70 M.P.H.”  Jan. 1936: “Sally Rishel, Howard Lindmark Engaged to Wed” 1937: Married Shirley Baker.  8/12/1952: “Rockford Man Wins 100-Mile Outboard Race”  RMStar 3/17/1954:  Lindmark Bowls 737 Series; Tops Singles in Men’s City”  Moved to 2517 Pelham Rd.  Howard died in Scottsdale, AZ in 1998. [No obituary in Rockford newspaper.]

1955 –  1964     Sena Arneson, teacher, r 1623 Crosby St. teacher, B.S. from University of Minnesota; Masters Degree in 1952. First grade teacher at Bloom, previously taught at Peterson School. Died at age 101 in 1998 in Minnesota.

1965 – 1971   Bruce R. and Delores Heath; Circulation Dept. Rockford Newspapers, r 1623 Crosby St.  1955: Hurt back in newspaper loading room; 1961 Sports car Enthusiasts Touring Association  – Recording Secretary.

1971               Kenneth and Deborah Wensel

1983 – 2015    Keith and Brenda Sue Frantz and family