Miss Phila D. Pope – 1889

Source:  Rockford Morning Star, March 1889

Mrs. James Pope Campbell moved to Colorado very soon after marriage, and is missing from mention in Rockford newspapers until 1931 when she attended a Rockford Female Seminary/Rockford College Reunion picnic.  She appears in a group photograph in the newspaper attending the 1931 Reunion picnic.

“The Dinner Pail Brigade” – 1889

Rockford Enterprises and Number of Men Employed



Article is longer in length and not shown in entirety here.

Source:  Rockford Daily Gazette December 31, 1889


“Railroad of Love” – 1889

Railroad of Love

Rockford Opera House, June 26th, 1889. A Romantic Comedy in four acts based on the German Play by Messrs. Von Schoenthan and Kadelburg, adapted by Augustin Daly.  Original theater program.

Source:  Rockford, Illinois Opera House Scrapbook    R 792 R59