Eclipse Clutch Works, Beloit, WI – 1891

Source:  Hand-Book of Beloit including a Complete Directory

Eclipse Wind Engine Co., C.H. Morse, pres and George W. Sparks sec and treas.; 701-742 Lawton Ave.

Residence of Oscar Nelson – 1891, 702 Seminary

Residence of Oscar Nelson

Source:  Industrial and Picturesque Rockford, by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891

Nelson, Oscar; vice president and supt. of Forest City Knitting Co., res 702 Seminary St.  Source:  1892 Philippi’s Rockford City Directory



Rockford Neckyoke Works – 1891

C. Eugene Sovereign is proprietor, and manufactures neckyokes, axle washers, carriage top dressing, harness soap and other specialties, occupying part of the four-story stone building, 50×150 feet in size, located at 640 So. Main St.  The capital invested is about $10,000.  An average of twelve hands are employed with an average pay-roll of $7,000 and an annual product of $25,000. The business was established in 1880.

Source:  “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford,: by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891, p35