First Harley Davidson and First Gas Driven Truck in Rockford

Baseball Team Rides in the City’s First Gasoline-Driven Truck

The Ironbrew Bottling works owned the first gasoline driven truck in Rockford-a two-cylinder Rapid dated 1906. Members of the old Maroon baseball team are passengers in the truck, among them Hal Carlson, later a big league player, and Hilding Nelson, who played with the Three-I league. Everett Russ, son of E.T. Russ and part owner of Russ and company, is in the driver’s seat, and beside him is his sister Gertrude, now Mrs. Theodore Nells, 315 N. 3rd st. The first Harley Davidson motorcycle in Rockford, pictured at the rear of the truck, is manned by Carl Bladstrom.

Source: Register Republic  June 16, 1952  p.46

Rockford High School gates, 1940 – building exterior

Source: Rockford High School, 1940 Annual

Date on this building (above) says 1900


“Furniture Building of Year” – 1906



Source:  Rockford Daily Republic March 14, 1906

Illinois Cabinet Co. – beginning and 1952 – 1975 as G E Cabinet

Illinois Cab Abstract

Source:  Rockford Daily Register-Gazette March 29, 1906

Commissioners: E. K. Knutson, John P. Lundell and L. Barkman


By 1952 it is called the Rockford Cabinet Plant of General Electric, which suggests they are producing radio or TV cabinets produced by General Electric. In 1973 the plant was called the General Electric Cabinet Co.  In 1974 the plant was closed until 1975 because the demand for wooden television cabinets had decreased.

IL Cab Annex 1952

Source:  Rockford Register Republic March 18, 1952

Il Cab G E models

Source: Internet

Ill Cab G E close

Source: Rockford Register-Republic March 4, 1974


Y.W.C.A., 1906 architects’ drawing – Frank A. Carpenter

YWCA pic

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 3/4/1906

“It has been definitely settled that the inaugural ceremonies for the just finished home of the Y.W.C.A. will be postponed until next week.”

“The new home of the Y.W.C.A. cost $20,000.  …”  Frank A. Carpenter, architect

“General contractor W. H. Cook….”  41′ x 78′ dimensions.