Rockford Furniture Co. – 1912 winner, City Beautiful Contest

Rkfd Furniture Park Dis

Source: Report of Commissioners, 1912, Rockford Park District

R Furniture - 2

Haddorff Piano Co. – 1912

Haddorff Piano Co.

Source:  Rockford 1912

The plant covers more than 10 acres with floor space pf more than half a million feet. 500 people employed, value of finished product is close to a million dollars annually.

Haddorff Piano Co., P A Peterson, pres; C A Haddorff v-pres; L I Johnson sec; A E Johnson treas; 1900 – 1938 Harrison Ave.  Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1925

Garfield Ave., 627 – built 1911

Garfield 627 - Vaderhoof leave

Source: Rockford Republic 9/4/1912

Garfield 627 - Vanderhoof 2

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 9/4/1912

House built a year ago by Deuel and O’Shay. Lot 60 x 220 feet. 10 Room house with Pebble Dash.

Garfield Ave., 627, Petritz, Frank J.M. , (wife Mary M.) v-president Rockford Brewing Co.,  Source: 1914 Rockford City Directory

Garfield, 627 - Petritz

Source of above:  1915 Rockford City Directory

Garfield 627 - Census

Source of 1920 Federal Census above:

Then Prohibition went into effect, and Frank Petritz was shown in City Directories as working for Rockford Storage Warehouse rather than Rockford Brewing Co., same building.

“Rockford Brewing Co. and Rockfordites are held by the Jury at Freeport.   …  “Rockford Brewing Co., John Petritz, Frank Petritz and J.M. Petritz for shipping liquor in Interstate Commerce for beverage purposes into anti-saloon territory.” Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette 5/10/1918.”

“Rockford Indictments:  Rockford Brewing Co. and John V. Petritz, Frank Petritz and Mathias Petritz, delivering intoxicating liquor within the 5 mile limit military zone (Camp Grant); Rockford Brewing Co., and etc., shipping intoxicating liquor in Interstate Commerce; Rockford Brewing Co. and etc. selling intoxicating liquor in Interstate Commerce.”  Source:  Rockford Morning Star 5/11/1918

Garfield 627  - 1

Source of Photographs:  Jan Carter 9/6/2013

Garfield 627 - 2

The windows are a beautiful beveled glass.

Garfield 627 - 3

The Petritz family was still living in the house in 1926 when their daughter dined at the White House (see below), guest of Congressman and Mrs. John Buckbee..

Garfield 627 dined

Source: Rockford Morning Star Feb. 1, 1928