Royal Mantel and Furniture Co., ad – Jan. 1927

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, January 1927, page Twelve      No. 482 1/2

Royal Mantel and Furniture Co., D R Peterson president; P H Palmer v-pres; Norman P Peterson sec; A E Anderson treas; factory: 1901 Harrison Ave. office: 2400 Kishwaukee       Source: 1927 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory

“Deaths in Crash Total 6: collision of train and auto” – 1927

Source: Rockford Morning Star, Jan. 25, 1927 front page               Article below in larger print!

Source: Rockford Morning Star Jan. 25, 1927  except last section with photographs, from Daily Republic Jan. 25, 1927.





Rockford Electric Co. – 1927 photo

Source:  Rockford High School, 1927 Annual, p. 198, ad “The most interesting and instructive 30-minute tour in Rockford.”

Rockford Electric Co., Adam Gshwindt, gen mgr., R M Bert elect supt, D L Cash sales mgr; 101 Chestnut St.,  Source:  McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1926


Calvin Countryman – 1927 obituary, probate


Source:  Rockford Morning Star,  April 23, 1927  p 1 and p 12