North End Bridge [also known as the High Bridge]

North End Bridge, approximately location of Auburn St. Bridge, a block and 1/2 further north on the West Side, 2.5 – 3 blocks further north on the East Side of the river. Wood sides, like a solid plank fence, on each side of the wood “floor”, similar to walls of covered bridges but without a roof.

Also known as the High Bridge, as it was most elevated toward center, so that Paddle Wheel boats could bass beneath it. It was 25 feet above the river.   Source: Rockford Register Gazette 3/15/1927

The Auburn St. bridge replaced the High Bridge and connected Auburn St. and Spring Creek Rd. in 1936/1937.


Source:  Rockfordiana:  Bridges – 1 and Rockford Morning Star 11/26/1937