“Rockford Center” picked as name for civic complex – 1970

Source:  ‘Rockford Center’ picked as name for Civic Center    Star 10/23/1970

“Proposed Civic Center Gets a Name”   Rockford Register Republic 10/23/1970

or Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 1 [of 3]

“Center Group Vetoes Property Tax” – 1/10/1970

Source:  “Center Group Vetoes Property Tax”  Rockford Morning Star 1/10/1970

“City to get help on civic center site”  Rockford Register-Republic 5/5/1970

“Civic Center site seclection pact OK’d” Rockford Register Star 5/13/1970


“Cathedral parish church plan OK’d” – August 1970

Source:  Rockford Morning Star August 18, 1970

“TB Care Rate Hike must be justified” – 1970, Rockford Municipal Sanitarium

Source: Rockford Register Republic Oct. 7, 1970

“Widen Home Rule, Daley Urges” – 1-21-1970

Source: Chicago Tribune, by John Elmer, January 21, 1970