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Northwest Quarterly, Winter 2020

“Mayor John McNamara leads an elephant parade…” – [1984]

Source:  Rockford Register Star 5//23/2017

*** There were many circus parades in Rockford.  In early years it was believed the bridge across Rock River was not strong enough for the weight of elephants and a newspaper story reported that the elephants walked across the river nearly all underwater except part of their trunks. (Story but no photo of that.) The circus most often arrived by train and the elephants walked to the performance tents from the train.  Two of the park performance areas were (1) in an empty lot north of Cedar St. between Church and Courts Sts., or a lot approximately in the location of the Mendelssohn Club’s building today.

The Mob in Rockford – 1984, Pt. 2 of Series

Source:  Rockford Register Star 3/4/1984