Rockford Civic Newcomers Club – July 1993, The Acquainter

Source: Rockford Civic Newcomers Club, July 1993 Acquainter (donation of)





Olympic Tavern

see also R & L Tavern, 1949

“Voice Chief Clue in Bar Holdup, Beating of Two”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 5/16/1957

“Burglars Smash Safe in Tavern, Flee with $508”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 12/06/1959

“Safecrackers obtain $450 from Tavern”

Source: (?) 9/16/1969

“Nimble burglars get $180, cigarettes”

Source: (?) 10/26/1973

“Rooftop burglar hits fifth target”

Source: 10/26/1973

Olympic Tavern Fish Fry Ad

Source: Rockford Register Star 10/11/1985

“Snow time is party time for some”

Olympic Tavern Valentine Specials ad

Source: Rockford Register Star 2/13/1987

“Snow time is party time for some”

Source: Rockford Register Star 12/16/1987

“The mellow aging of a softball team”

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/16/1989

??? Of liquor to minors

Rockford Register Star 12/17/1991





Link Killings to Gambling Boss – 1959

Link Killings - 1

The Headline source: Rockford Morning Star July 10, 1959

Link Killings - 2