Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball – 1986, page 33

Source: Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball, Forest Hills Lodge, May 23, 1986,  page 33

Talcott acquisition continues west side trend – 2015

“Talcott acquisition continues west side trend” by Frank Shier


“Justin Fern’s Urban Equity Properties (UEP) purchased downtown Rockford’s iconic 13-story Talcott Building, 321 West State St, March 31, 2014 for an undisclosed sum, reportedly in the are of $7 million.  UEP purchased the skyscraper from TRT Management, whose principal, Dave Casazza, owned the building for 30 yeas. Casazza also owns Broadmoor Insurance Agency, located in the Talcott.”

“The Rock River Towers, 913 N. Main St., was purchased by New Jersey’s Strategic Partners of North America for $8.2 million from River Tower Venture of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. In 1998, it was purchased for $2.5 million.”

“Rockford Trust Building, 202 West State St., is being developed by Morgan Management, a Pttsfield, New York developer for a reported $12.5 million, with a purchase price of $1.7 million.  Construction is slated to begin this summer.”

“The River District enjoyed a very timely save of the classic Pioneer/Conseco Insurance, 304 N. Main St….building was purchased by Kevin Holdmann’s expanding Trans Atlantic Connection, currently at 109 N. Main St.”

Source: The Rock River Times, April 15-21, 2015.