Hembrough Bill

Bill Hembrough B.M.W. 4438 Center Terrace

Bill Hembrough  Isuzu new and used cars Wm. W.Hembrough Pres. 625 West State St.

Bill Hembrough  Leasing Co.

Chas F. Kuppe v-pres. leasing 3829 – 11th St.

Bill Hembrough  Motor Sales Wm. W. Hembrough Pres., 717 West State St., Buick Isuzu sales and service

Bill Hembrough  B.M.W – Mitsubishi B.M.W. sales and service 1209 S. Alpine Rd.

Hembrough’s Detail Shop auto repair 621 West State St.

Source: 1991 Rockford City Directory