Garfield Ave

Garfield Ave 1916

Garfield not listed in any city directories before 1911 when the first three residents built on the 800 block.

Source: 1916 Rockford City Directory



804 Garfield Ave. – built 1914

804 Garrfield - 1

photos: Jan Carter, 10/4/2013

804 Garfield Ave..

Source:  Jan Carter 10/4/2013

first resident: Edward D Roberts and wife Lulu, collector D R Mead and Co., 1914 – 1921

second resident:  1921 Arthur Richardson, wife Eva

third resident: Lula Roberts, 1922-1923 and with J H Van Der Meer, and wife Hallie,  presumably a boarder or relative, manager of the Brunswick Shop,  1924

fourth residents (s): Mrs. T R Van Der Meer and R H Kenyon, a foreman at Mechanic Machine Co., 1925

fifth resident(s):  Mrs. T. R. Brown (Jennie) and R H Kenigon/Kenyon, 1926, 1927, 1928