Harlem Boulevard, 1820

Wm. C. Loomis, wife Agnes

Source: 1902 Rockford City Directory

Source: Fotografs by O.H. Wheat

Mr. Frank S. Allan, Carrie E.

Source: 1923 – 1937 Rockford City Directory

Richard H. Tower (Ruth C.) mgr. Servisoft Inc. h. 1820 Harlem Blvd.

Source: 1940 Rockford City Directory

John W. Sheagren, physician Gas and Electric Building, h1820 Harlem

Source: 1949 Rockford City Directory

Carriage house in back 1820 Harlem Blvd.

Source: photo courtesy of Rockford Public Library patron 2010






2120 Harlem Blvd. – Jesse A. Barloga alteration

2120 Harlem

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Aug. 4, 1978

Residents:  William C. Loomis (Wife Agnes) 1907 City Directory – 1912 City Directory

Vacant in 1914 City Directory

but the newspaper article lists Harry Williams as the original owner in 1916, who sold it in 1916 to Standish Budlong.  The 1915 – 18 City Directories list A A Martin as the resident at 2120 Harlem Blvd. [perhaps longer]

Martin Rockford Morning Star Nov. 13, 1918

Vacant – 1919 City Directory

1920 – 1927 Standish Budlong owned the house. 1920 – 1927 City Directories.  In the 1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance map, there is a paste-over of the address 1820 Harlem changed to 2120 Harlem.

In 1920 Mrs. Budlong’s mother, Mrs. Mortimer Cook, died in the house at 2120 Harlem Blvd.  The Missionary Club met there, so did the Camaradarie Club. Their daughter, Barbara Standish won an essay contest while living there.  Mrs. Budlong’s sister, Mrs. Fay Litchfield, died at the house in 1926.

According to the article, Ben Lyons purchased the house from Budlong in 1928 and made a number of alterations, but then the article claims it was a white frame house, not a red brick covered with ivy. It claims Lyons bricked the house in 1928, tore down the barn, added garages.

Benjamin F Lyons (wife Ethel J.) broker 1928 – 1940  checked

Lyons added 2 garages and an addition  (Barloga alteration?)

Lyons sold the house to John Howard, who lived there 15 years (until 1977)

Howard sold the house in 1978 to Charles Dudley. the residents are John Dudley and Dan Kleber.

2120 Harlem - 2