“World’s Prettiest Ballplayers” – Rockford Peaches

Worlds Prettiest

second baseman Barbara Payne, pitcher Audrey Daniels and pitcher Margaret Jurgensmeier

“World’s Prettiest Ballplayers” about the All American Girls Baseball League

by Carl L. Biemiller   photographs by Arthur Shay  R 796.357 H71  Local History

Source: Holiday magazine, June 1952

Rockford Peaches – 1951 Program

Peaches Pro - Front

scans mad from a copy of the program, donated by local customer

Peaches Pro - 1

Peaches Pro 2x

Peaches Pro - back




Rockford Peaches – Rockford Magazine 1989

Rockford magazine - 1

article in Rockford Magazine, July 1989, pp 34-38

Rockford magazine - 2 8 photographs in article, Rockford Magazine, July 1989

Won 4 championships: 1945, 1948, 1949, 1950 The 1949 League Championship was coached by Bill Allington, 1947’s team by Bill Edwards.

Dottie Ferguson Key was a former North American speed skating champion