Alpine Bank Robbery – Dec. 1963

Source: Rockford Morning Star Dec. 12, 1963 p. 6

Photo at upper left: ” Frank Hoffman (Left) assistant cashier at Alpine State Bank, tells Rockford Morning Star City Editor William Snyder and State Editor Roger Hedges of Wednesday robbery. The newsmen, first to arrive on scene, found customers and employes still locked in vault.”

Photo center left: ” Quinten Lind, a customer at Alpine State Bank when it was robbed of more than $36,000 Wednesday, shows how he picked lock of vault door. Two Santa Claus bandits locked Lind and 12 other employes and customers in the vault after the robbery. (Morning Star photo)”

Photo center right:  “Mrs. Gini Moore, a teller, explains how she tripped alarm when she noticed one ‘Santa Claus’ with a gun in his hand. Alarm rings at different location in Highcrest Shopping Centre.”

Photo at far right: “Robert S. Wright, vice president and cashier, tells newsman how bandit prodded him with pistol and forced him to scoop cash into a cloth bag. ‘They were very nonchalant,’ he said.”


Northwest Quarterly – Winter 2017, Mfg. & Business Briefs

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2017, Vol. 14 No. 1, p. 255  Manufacturing and Business Briefs

“New Alpine Bank Gets State Okay” – June 5, 1961

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic, June 5, 1961

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