Burritt Township, Winnebago County – 2012 Land Atlas and Plat

Source: Winnebago County, Illinois, 2012 Land Atlas and Plat Book, page 16

Compiled and Published by Rockford Map Publishers, Inc., www.rockfordmap.com

Distributed by Winnebago County Farm Bureau, 1925 South Meridian Road, Rockford, IL  61101

Book also includes an aerial map of Burritt Township, page 17

Names indicate property owner/tax payer

The number following the name of property owner or Trustee is the number of acres in that plot.  Some people own several unconnected plots of land and the number indicates acres in that specific plot.

Ding Hoe restaurant – 1980 ad and 1997 story

Ding Hoe - 1

Source:  1980 Illinois Bell Telephone Directory for Rockford and Loves Park

**Address 419 E. State St., moved in 1991 when City Hall added on to their building to the end of the block and displaced 4 business under eminent domain.

Ding Hoe - 2 sm

Source:  Rockford Register Star May 23, 1997