“Two teams to start Battle for Industrial Baseball Championship” – 9/5/1937

Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/5/1937

Amerock. 1962

Source:  Rockford Morning Star and Rockford Register-Republic “Century Plus 10” Special Edition, March 1962

“Second Round Play Starts in Industrial” – 1939, Legion Park

Source:  Rockford Morning Star July 22, 1939

WWII Army Air Forces Schnorenberg, William

promoted from warrant officer to chief warrant officer entered service October 1941; overseas since November 1942 photo, at Thunderbolt fighter base in England bronze star medal has been awarded to Chief Warrant Officer William H. Schnorenberg for designing and developing three labor-saving devices used in servicing airplanes at an 8th air force fighter station in England. He has been serving there as an assistant engineering officer. Award presented for meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services.  Graduate of Columbia Academy, Dubuque, Iowa with the class of 1936. Was employed by American Cabinet Hardware before entering the military service in October, 1941.  He won his appointment of warrant officer last September his wife, the former Mae Stenling, daughter of Mrs. William Stenling, 1407 15th Ave., resides with her mother while he is overseas.

William H. Schorenberg

Source: Rockford Morning Star 8/20/1944

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – 1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1947 Ingersoll: Peterson and Clausen

1947 Anderson Brothers: Yeager and Crowley

1947 Meyers: Coons, White and Rainey

1947 Roper: McCrudden, Allen and Hearns

1947 Rockford Furniture: Anderson

1947 Nylint Toy: Cancelose and Seaberg

1947 O & H Foundries: Dumchoski and Savitski

1947 Ekstrom-Carlson: Hogland and Balcitis

1947 Greenlee: Orville Lindquist and Muzzarelli

1947 Contour Hosiery: D. Murray, Rathke and Steigler

1947 Ebaloy: Casico and Casico

1947 Rockford Drop Forge: Haeggquist and Berglund

1947 J. L. Clark: Swenson, Melquist and Schmidt

1947 Joseph Behr: Yeagle and Behling

1947 Mattison: Rinaldo, Pegoraro, Ivan Johannes

1947 Amerock: Rydholm and Garnhart

1947 Mechanics: Stewart and Saudargus

1947 Sundstrand: Stonis, Kuhl and Scrogston


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 07/16/1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1937 Mattison team photo: Frank Bonzi, Rex Moon, Hal Blomquist, John “Hooks” O’Malley

1937 Mattison team photo:  Fred Johannes, Ivan Johannes, Floyd Peacock, Benny Britz, Joe Britz

1937 Mattison team photo: “Molly” Armellani, “Fat” Swenson, Manuel Pirello

1937 American Cabinet Hardware team photo:  J. Newman, Fleori, Harris, Driscoll

1937 American Cabinet Hardware team photo: Curtis, Wasco, Shortino, B. Atczak, F. Minnihan, Syman, J. Atczak

1937 American Cabinet Hardware team photo: Anderson, Potts, Gibson, Lackey


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 09/05/1937


Knitting Industry Timeline

Knitting Industry Timeline

Knitting District Timeline 2

knitting Timeline

Knitting Industry Timeline 4

Source: www.ziock.org