1912 Photo of Rockford Tool Company and Rockford Milling Machine Company (Sundstrand)

Front Row (L to R): Tolf, Gunnard Erickson, Elmer Hendrickson, Emil Monson, Carl Dahlgren, Swan Anderson, Gust H Ekstrom, Janson.

Second Row: Wally Johnson, Lewis Monson, Unknown, Oscar Floody, George Carlson, Eddie Monson, Roy Foody, Rudy Swanson, Ted Johnson.

Third Row: Charlie Danielson, Arnstron, Ray Wahlstrom, Gustafson, Anderson, Gottfred Johnson, Anderson, Carl Adolphson, Gilly Arnquist, Edwin Cedarleaf, John Grice.

Fourth Row: Bror Cedarleaf, Unknown, Oscar Johnson, Ivar Johnson, Broad, Carl Olson, Larry Johnson, Fred Johnson.

Source: Sundstrand Association 50th Anniversary 1927-1977  R 360.77331 Sundstrand

“Two teams to start Battle for Industrial Baseball Championship” – 9/5/1937

Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/5/1937

East High School, 1942 – Boys’ Glee Club

Source:  East High School, 1942 Annual, p. 109

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – 1965, Cagers

RIAA Cagers

Source:  Rockford Morning Star March 7, 1965

“Add-Mi-Too Cagers Win Again _ Mutuals and B – C also cop” – 1921

Add-Mi-Too - 1

Source:  Rockford Morning Star, February 10, 1921

Add-Mi-Too - 2

Add-Mi-Too - 3



“R I A A Squads Move as 2nd Half Begins” – Jan. 10, 1965

RIAA Squads Move

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Jan. 10, 1965

“R.I.A.A. Loop Resumes Play” – 7-15-1956, Softball

R.I.A.A. Loop Resumes Play

Source:   Rockford Morning Star July 15, 1956

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1947 J. L. Clark: Lask and Picchi

1947 Rockford Furniture: Lindsey and Coakley

1947 Globe Imperial: Seamanson and Muiruic

1947 Free Sewing: J. Klaas

1947 Washburn Company: Gregg, Smith and Anderson


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 05/25/1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – 1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1947 Nylint Toy: Eastman

1947 Ekstrom-Carlson:  E. Johnson

1947 Ebaloy: Manali and Pauletta

1947 Rockford Drop Forge: Nelson

1947 Sundstrand: Pirello

1947 Mechanics: Lee

1947 National Lock: Anderson and Nygren

1947 Rockford Machine Tool: Downing and Kneller

1947 Free Sewing: Anastasi, Dechaine


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 07/23/1947