Springfield Ave. and Riverside Blvd. – 1955, 1972


Springfield Ave. is the vertical line marked in numbers as 5 8 17 20

Riverside Blvd. did not yet exist   The large parcel marked Rockford Park District is Searles Park, the smaller parcel immediately below Anna Page marked Rockford Park District expanded and became Anna Page Park,

Source:  1955 Official County Platbook and Farmers’ Directory of Winnebago County Illinois

Springfield 2

The curved road near upper center connects Springfield Ave. to now existant Riverside Blvd.

note: by 1971, the small area previously Rockford Park District, now is larger and also marked Anna Page Conservation Forest.

The curve connecting Springfield to Riverside goes through several farms:  Donovan, A. L. Wellman, A. W. Anderson, S. Niman, Marj. T. Ryan.

Source:  Atlas and Plat Book Winnebago County Illinois  Copyright 1972

Springfield 3

Source:  Rockford Morning Star June 21, 1962