Rockford Cemetery Association – Greenwood Cemetery

was organized in the year 1872. The site chosen is a beautiful one, and contains thirty-three acres of rolling ground interspersed with a natural growth of trees and shrubs, making its landscape beauty unsurpassed for the purpose designed.  Fine monuments, of elegant design, are here erected to the memory of many of those whose enterprising labors still live in connection with some of the earlier enterprises in Rockford.  Officers: Anson S. Miller, president; T.D. Robertson, treasurer; Hosmer P. Holland, secretary; Henry Fisher, sexton; Frank Wagner, gardener.. Location north end of Main street, West side.*

Source: Brainerd’s Rockford City Directory for 1876, page 32

*originally called the West Side Cemetery, the name was changed to Greenwood Cemetery.

County Judges

“Judges of Winnebago County 1850 – 1864” by Robert Lindvall

Seldon M. Church was the first Winnebago County Judge, elected in 1849.  He served two 4-year terms

Church’s successor on the County bench was Anson S. Miller

Miller served 8 years on the bench, from 1857 – 1865

Abram S. Van Dyke, a Pecatonica lawyer,  succeeded Judge Miller

Van Dyke served eight years 1865- 1873

Following Van Dyke was Rufus C. Bailey, who held the position for 32 years


County Judge Rufus C. Bailey served for 32 years.
County Judge Rufus C. Bailey served for 32 years.


Source:  Nuggets of History, Spring 1988