Rockford’s Union Taverns – 1949

Source: Rockford Labor News June 10 1949


Link Killings to Gambling Boss – 1959

Link Killings - 1

The Headline source: Rockford Morning Star July 10, 1959

Link Killings - 2


Rotello, Anthony F. – 1989

Rotello, Anthony obit

Source: Rockford Register Star Oct. 3, 1989

Olympic Tavern – 1957 robbery

Tavern Operator

“Tavern Operator Thought Robbery Was Only ‘Joke’ ”

Photos: top: Anthony F. Rotello shows his wife, Lee, some of the bruises he suffered when beaten by two gunmen early today in his tavern at 2327 N. Main St. Bottom: Albert Young, bartender at The Olympic, stands by the cash register where from $800 to $1,000 was taken in the holdup.

“A tavern owner and bartender were brutally pistol-whipped today by two masked gunmen who escaped in a car driven by a third person after robbing the tavern of $800 to $1,000.”

“Apparently angered by failure to obtain $8,000 they believed hidden in the Olympic Tavern, 2327 N. Main st., the gunmen beat Owner, Anthony F . Rotello, 39, and bartender James Fowler about the head and upper body. Both required hospital treatment.

“Eight tavern patrons were forced by the gunmen to lie on the floor while the robbery was in progress.”

“Rotello said he has operated the Olympic for ten years “and nothing like this has ever happened before.”

Source: Rockford Register Star May 15, 1957