Harlem Blvd., 1632

Harlem Blvd., 1632 - 3

Source: from “Fotografs by O. H. Wheat, Rockford 1902”

House was built in 1901, and was inhabited by 1902, by Arthur G. Parmele, and his wife, Blanche B. Parmele. He was an examiner for Insurance Co. of the State of Illinois.  Two children were born: Harris Barnum Parmele in 1901, and Sarah, born in 1907.  The Parmele family lived at 1632 Harlem Blvd. for eight years, before moving to 1004 No. Main St.  Claude E. Hogg, and wife Minnie H., with T.J. Derwent Co., lived there in 1907; and Arthur R. Whitehouse and wife Katherine S., proprietor of The Whitehouse, was living there by 1909.  Charles D. Burr, and wife Grace S. were living there in 1914. He was the president and treasurer of Burr Bros. Inc., grocers. From 1918 – 1923 (perhaps more years)  Edward J Ziock, superintendent of Burson Knitting. lived in the house.  T. Joseph Moan and wife Gertrude, were living there in 1928.  Dr. Eugene T. Leonard, and wife Rhoda M. lived in the house from 1933 – 1949, when it was sold to Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Moore.

Source: Rockford City Directories and article in Rockford Morning Star  7/27/1969.