National Ave., 1234 – assorted

National Ave., 1234 - 1

Photo:  Marty Mangas, ca. 1968-1972    Ray Knowland, architect house built for Viola Barloga, widow

1948-1956 Viola Barloga

1959 – 1968  Elizabeth B. Forbes

1968 – 1970 Frederick Haye

1970 – 1974 Attorney Francis E. and former State Senator Vivian Hickey

[The Hickeys resided at 1234 National Ave. through 1986, and Roger Fisher and Wendy Perks-Fisher 1987-present. Source: Tom Mott/Polk’s Rockford City Directories.]

Source:  “National Avenue; Early History; History of Camp Fuller; Prominent Residents”  published 1974

National Ave., 1234 Homes

Style: French Provincial, drawing by Gene Horvath

Source:  Homes magazine covers 1982-3   R720.977331 H767 1983

According to, the current residents since 1987 are Roger Fisher and Wendy Perks-Fisher.