Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company

Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company

“Men, Motors and Markets”

Page 1: Among the pioneer producers of automobile parts was the Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company of Rockford

It was founded in 1909 by two brothers: J. T. and S. B. Atwood

Mr. Seth B. Atwood is still active as Chairman of the Board  (1959)

This special edition of “Men, Motors and Markets” is issued in commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of that event

Page 163-164:  In 1916 Seth Atwood invented a ‘door bumper’ that stopped door rattling

During the middle 1920’s, the Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company had a yearly output of $21 million of those adjustable steel strappings with rubber inserts for doors

Today (1959), the company manufactures a complete line of body hardware for cars; hood, door and trunk hinges; seat adjusters, door latches, brake mechanisms, and other assemblies


Source:  “Men, Motors and Markets” Rockford Public Library Local History Collection, R338.476292  R962M

Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company

Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company

Founded in 1909 to manufacture vacuum cleaners

Run by Seth B. Atwood from 1909-1952

In 1953 Seth B. Atwood became President of the Board of Directors and Seth G. Atwood became President

Eventually the company manufactured automobile hardware


Source:  Rockford Register Star, 02/25/2010


Mrs. Seth G. Atwood

Mrs. Seth G. Atwood  (Patricia Jane Lang Atwood)

Named by to Civic Center Committee (later The MetroCentre and later the BMO Harris BankCenter)

Her husband owns Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company

Graduate of Wellesley College

First President of the Women’s Board of the Rockford Art Museum

Member of the Junior League

Mrs. Seth G. Atwood
Mrs. Seth G. Atwood


Source:  Rockford Morning Star, 11/18/1969

Seth G. Atwood

Seth G. Atwood

Son of Seth B. Atwood

Took over Atwood Vacuum Machine in 1953

Diversified company’s operations into banking and land development

Purchased former Henrici’s Hotel; renamed it the Clock Tower Resort

Established the Time Museum

Sold museum in 1999 to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

The rest was auctioned by Sotheby’s


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