Garfield Avenue

Lowest 2 numbers border on Ridge Ave. farthest west block of Garfield was originally called Holmes St. and changed to Garfield later than 1917 Holmes St. was named for Reverend Mead Holmes who bought the land under Garfield and more from Thomas Garrison. Thomas Garrison presumably named Thomas St. Holmes St. changes its name to Garfield Ave. (the block west of Rockton) in ___________________

Garfield Ave.

Reverend Mead Holmes bought some of Garrison’s land. Land was plotted by 1892 city directory, but access to city later and sale of plots was
held up by Mead’s death (1906) and contested will in court until at least Sept. 1909

Source: 1892 Rockford City Directory

In addition to being a Reverend, Holmes was also an alderman


Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/27/1906





Sons of Union Veterans C.W. – Logan Camp

“Sons of Vets”

“There was a large turn out last evening at the anniversary of the John A. Logan Camp, No. 26, Sons of Veterans. One year ago, the camp was organized with a larger number of charter members than any other camp in the state.”

” He [Past Captain E. L. Nash] stated that the camp was organized Nov. 28, 1886, by Post Commander Lawler of the G.A.R., assisted by other comrades.”

“In 1881 the Sons of Veterans were organized and today there is a membership in the United States of 80,000.”

Source: Rockford Daily Gazette, December 9, 1886  page 4