Influence Of Early Baseball


“‘On the Fly’ was the name of an 1867 tobacco product from R. J. White & Co. produced for the Base Ball Clubs of America.”

“Many of the New York City area base ball teams played their games at Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is shown above from an 1859 issue of Harper’s Weekly.”

“By 1868 base ball had been embraced by the corporate world, including Stiefel & Co., manufacturers of the ‘Base Ball Collar.'”

Source:  Journal of Illinois History, Winter 2012, pp. 252, 257, 262.


Rockford Rox – 1948 Spring Training

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic April 12, 1948

  • Randall Shepherd played for about 1 month. Randall was the brother of Jean Shepherd who is best known for writing “A Christmas Story.”

Rockford Forest City Baseball Club, 1871 – Molyneaux

Source: Nuggets of History, Vol. 50  Sept 2012  Number 3      9 pages

Baseball, Local – 1913

On Park Playgrounds

Source: Rockford Republic May 15, 1913