“39 JA Companies Are Organized” – 1968

Source: Rockford Morning Star Oct. 15, 1968

Fairbanks-Morse – 1952


“Fairbanks, Morse is Giant of Rock River Industries”

The invention of a windmill by a Beloit missionary and the invention of a scale by a Vermont youth led to Fairbanks-Morse of Beloit, Wisconsin

Thaddeus Fairbanks of St. Johnsbury, Vermont invented the scale and sought expansion

The windmill was invented by the Reverend Leonard A. Wheeler of Beloit, an Indian missionary

The company covers 100 acres and 5,400 employees, and has its own gas system and water system

The produce pumps, marine engines, magnetos

More than 3,000,000 magnetos have gone into Ford automobiles

43 marine engines ordered by the U. S. government were designated to pull army tugboats


Source:  Rockford Morning Star, 04/13/1952