Prohibition – 730 Dickerman St.

Dickerman St.

“Bootlegger Flees after Still Blast; Explosion Sets Fire to Flat Building”

“Another Rockford moonshiner took
to the tall timbers this morning
at 8 o’clock when one of his two
stills exploded and started a fire in the
basement of a flat building at
730 Dickerman street.
   Responding to a fire call to that
address this morning at 8 o’clock,
firemen found the basement window
wrecked by the explosion of a
36 -gallon still and a small blaze.
Entry into the basement disclosed
a 50 – gallon still operating full force.
The fire was soon extinguished.
Detectives John Anderson and Ed
Cavanaugh were called and investigation
developed that some of the half a dozen
families occupying the flat, a former
macaroni factory, knew the identity
of the owner of the two stills.
There were four other gas plates in the
basement in addition to the two beneath
the stills.
Fifteen barrels of mash were destroyed
and the two stills, five gallons of hootch,
300 pounds of sugar, five packages of
yeast and several containers were
taken to the police station’s “liquor cellar.”
The two stills were equipped for fusil
oil elimination and embraced every
device and art known in scientific
“moonshine” distillation. The 50 -gallon
still appeared to have been in operation less
than 2 weeks.”
Rockford Daily Register-Gazette