715 Reynolds St. – Earngey house article

Source:  Rockford Daily Register-Gazette June 14, 1927

Bradley and Bradley Architects – plus George Bradley obituary

First ad in newspaper as Wm. Bradley, Architect and Builder:  May 10, 1856, Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette

George Bradley served an apprenticeship at Architect and Builder in Boston, MA in 1850. Source: Death article, January 14, 1898, Rockford Daily Register-Gazette  George Bradley came to Rockford in 1855 according to same article, and constructed over 1000 buildings in Rockford by the time of his death in 1898.  His business was succeeded by his son, C.W. Bradley, who had been associated with him in architectural and construction work for 14 years.

Built 7 public schools, Wallach’s Block, Stewart Building, First Lutheran Church, First Congregational Church, Tinker Swiss Cottage, and T.D. Robertson residence.  Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, Jan. 14, 1898.

Burial in West Side Cemetery (name changed to Greenwood Cemetery).

Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette January 14, 1898









Tenth Avenue Swimming Pool

Tenth Avenue Public Pool

Photo source: 1937 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory, page 18

“10th Avenue pool to be run ‘as is’ this year”

“The 10th Avenue swimming pool will be operated ‘as is’ this year as part of a curtailed swimming program approved Tuesday by the Rockford Park District.”

“Lloyd Hubbard and Associates prepared a 1972 study of the pool in conjunction with Bradley and Bradley Architects. Repairs would cost $437,000 to $454,000 to make repairs.  The pool was leaking 30,000 gallons of water a day…..concrete in pool was deteriorating…..concrete on locker room floor was deteriorating….remodel locker room area, toilet facilities and locker room…..new water filters needed…”

“Substantial repairs will be needed to bring the pool into compliance with a state pool licensing law which goes into effect this summer.”

More information in newspaper article.

Source: Rockford Morning Star April 23, 1975