Chicago Cubs baseball – 1908 World Series, Game 4





Source:  The Rockford Republic, October 13, 1908

Rockford “Central” High School – 1940, 853 Club

853 Club

Source: 1940 Rockford High School yearbook

Franklin Pl., 1011 Remodel by Jesse Barloga, architect

Frahnklin Pl., 1011 - 1

1011 Franklin Place

Source:  Marty Mangas photo ca. 1968-1972      Remodel Commissioned by Clarence Goodwillie

Franklin Place, 1011 - 2

Source of photo: Jan Carter, 2011

Franklin Place, 1011 - 3

Source of photo:  Jan Carter, 2011

Some early residents included:

1902:  Dr. Wm H. Fitch, wife Catherine; physician, surgeon and oculist, resided 1011 Franklin Pl.

1903-4:  Mrs. Florida L. Manny, widow of John, resided 1011 Franklin Place

1905-07:  Melancthon S. Brown, wife Ednah T., secretary and treasurer D J Stewart & Co., resided 1011 Franklin Pl

1908-1912 Kate F. O’Connor; Real Estate, Loans & Insurance, Pension Attorney and Notary Public, res 1011 Franklin Pl

1914:   John W. Kizer, wife Louise, secretary and treasurer Emerson -Brantingham Co. Implement Co. reside 1011 Franklin Pl

1916 – (1919/ and longer?) Fred L. Tritle, wife Angeline, manager Illinois Inspection Bureau, 208 Brown Bldg., reside 1011 Franklin Pl.

Source:  Rockford City Directories





1033 Harlem Boulevard

1033 Harlem Boulevard

Residence of E. F. Brown, miller

Also residence of Miss A. A. Brown, bookkeeper at Forest City Electric Light and Power Company, residence of Mrs. Laura A. Fabrique, clerk at L. Moulthrop, and residence of Oscar L. Fabrique, employed at Rockford Watch Company


Source:  1894-95 Rockford City Directory

418 South Main Street

418 South Main Street

Residence of Henry Brown, Carpenter

Residence of N. Compton, employed at Bradley and Company

Residence of Duncan Drain, farmer

Residence of John Gottschalk

Alex Faulkner, carpenter, Boarder

Peter Henderson, stonecutter, Boarder


Source:  1876 Rockford City Directory