“White: City Not Ready for Metro Centre” – 2/15/1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 2/15/1978

Sundstrand Aviation Div – 1968

Sundstrand Av 68

Source:  Guilford High School 1968 Valhalla Yearbook

Sundstrand Corporation; Bruce F Olson, Chairman of the Board and CEO; Louis H Schueter. Vice-Chairman of the Board; James Wm Ethington, President; Burnell A Gustafson, Executive Vice-President; Carl L Sadler Jr., Executive Vice-President Aviation, Hydraulics and Hydro-Transmission Divisions; Ralph A Rothstein, Vice-President Personnel and Public Relations¬†¬† Source: 1968 Polk’s Rockford City Directory


Sundstrand Machine Tool – 1953

Sundstrand Earnings Up

Source: Rockford Morning Star March 30, 1954

Sundstrand Earnings Up 2

Source: Rockford Morning Star March 30, 1954