“Area destinations get top billing by Travel Illinois” – 2018, The Rock River Times

“Welcome, Sen. Jones, you found Rockford” by Pat Cunningham, 2006

Source: Rockford Register Star June 21, 2006

Main St., North, 737

?home of August Colton, (<1839>) small 1 story frame house No(North?) of First Presby. Church John S. Coleman built the mansion after Coleman, owned by John Manny photo of building as “Manny homestead” 1864 Manny purchased, $15,000

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 1 & Rockford Morning Star 6/15/1952 & Rockford Register Republic 11/9/1935

Nelson, Wm. pres. Forest City Knitting Co, res 737 N Main

Source: 1899 Rockford City Directory

737 North Main St.

photo above Source:  Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks- 1

Gustafson, John, coachman John Manny, res 737 N Main

Source: 1899 Rockford City Directory

Wm. Nelson, Colonel

Source: 1925 Rockford City Directory

interior and exterior photos purchased by City $25,000 7 rooms in cellar Nelson home nearly 1/2 century Nelson purchased 1890, $20,000-see Rockford Daily Register Gazette article

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 1 & Rockford Register Republic 11/9/1935 & Nuggets of History Nov-Dec 1969

Burpee Gallery of Art, Rockford Art Assoc.

Source: 1968 Rockford City Directory

Look Back at 737

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Spring 2010, pp 134 – 139 see also Riverfront Museum Park

Burpee Museum

Burpee Museum

Source: http://maps.google.com c. 2008




Riverfront Museum Park

Burpee 1

See also:  Main Street North  813

See also:  Discovery Center, Burpee Museum,  Rockford Art Association

Burpee 2

Dr. Alan Brown, Burpee Museum of Natural History Executive Director

Burpee 3

Sarah Wolf, Discovery Center Museum Executive Director


Burpee and Discovery Center Expansions “Tourism, Jobs and Something Wondrous”

…when a 5,000 sq ft Smithsonian-quality hall for traveling exhibits opens…

5,000 sq ft Woodward Exhibition Hall will be completed this Summer

The two science museums although managed separately will share hall

In 2008 more than 144,000 visitors came to Discovery Center

In 2008 more than 90,000 visitors came to Burpee

Source:  Northwest Quarterly magazine  Spring 2010


Ritter, Harry – Excalibur Award Finalist

Ritter, Harry Excalib

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Nov. 28, 2001