Ice Dealers – 1894-1895

City Ice Co.,  C. E. Sovereign, pres’t; Fred J Sovereign, sec’y and treasurer.  Dealers in pure up river ice. Orders promptly filled and satisfaction guaranteed. Telephone No. 31. Office 124 W. State St.

Rockford Ice Co., Howard W. Hall, pres’t; F. J. Leonard, vice pres’t. L. H. Baley, sec’y and treas. Wholesalers and retail dealers in pure up river ice. Rates reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. East side phone No. 154, West side phone No. 523. Offices 409 E. State St. and 315 W. State St.

Source: 1894 – 1895 Philippi’s Rockford City Directory

The term “up river” ice refers to the ice being cut north of the town and more pure as a result.

Sovereign Apartments – 1916

Sovereign Apartments - 1

619 – 612 Mulberry St.,    Frank E. Carpenter, architect.  Source: June 18, 1916 p 21

Sovereign Apartments - 2

Security Building Co.  contractors; W. C. Schoonover, Sanitary Plumbing; Rockford Gas Light $ Coke Co water heaters; J. Holmquist & Son lumber yards; A. W. Wheelock, lighting fixtures; Milburn Bros. General Cement Contractors; Kerner Incinerator Co. Kerner ‘Built-in-the-Chimney’ Garbage and Refuse Incinerator; Harmon & Nicholas Heating Contractors and Engineers.

Source: Rockford Morning Star June 18, 1916 p 21

Sovereign Apartments, 612 Mulberry.  1917 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory