Campus Towers – Brewington Oaks

Campus Towers

by B. G. Gregg,  photo by Peter Kendall, both Register Star

“Campus Towers will now be known as Brewington Oaks Apartments, named for Al Brewington, a man who worked his way from maintenance man to second-in-charge in his 21 years with the organization.”

“Assistant Executive Director Brewington, 64, received the honor at a celebration of the Rockford Housing Authority’s 50th anniversary. The event was held at the building which now bears his name at 515 Seminary St.”

“Verni-Lau said Campus Towers, which recently underwent almost $1 million in renovations, was built in 1969 and received its name because Rockford College used to sit on the same site.”

Source: Rockford Register Star November 23, 1991

Sveas Soner – 1970

Sveas Soner A

“Sveas Soner Sets Tower Concert”

By Herman G. Nelson

“Sveas Soner Male Chorus will give a concert at 7 p.m. next Thursday for residents of the Campus Towers. The Sveas Soner is regarded as the city’s outstanding male singing group.”

[Remaining section of article is about Zion Senior Citizens Club, Senior Citizens Activity Center, North Main Manor, Park Terrace and Senior Citizens of Bethesda Covenant Church.]

Source: Rockford Register Star March 8, 1970