A Capitol Idea–the Capitol Theatre

Source: Pappagallo, Spring 2019

Rockford Labor News, front page – Oct 27, 1972 issue

Source:  Rockford Labor News, Friday, October 27, 1972, Vol. LVIII No. 43,  front page

***Library staff did not find “the rest of the story” about the theater murder.  Perhaps the page has gone “missing” or was in too fragile condition.  The newspaper says “Please Turn to Page      ” without any page number added; perhaps there never was a continued article?



Motion Picture Theatres

Auburn Theatre, 1120 Auburn St.

Capitol Theatre, 1124 S Main St.

Coronado Theatre, 312 N Main St,

Family Theatre, 1025 Broadway St,

Midway Theatre, 725 E. State St.

Palace Theatre, 115 N Main St.

Park Theatre, 5713 N 2nd, Loves Park

Rex Theatre, 322  7th St.

Rialto Theatre, 1104 S Main St.

State Theatre, 105 West State St.

Times Theatre, 226 N Main St.

Capitol Theatre – Exterior, 1 Interior + Ad

Capitol Theatre - 2

1124 S. Main St. exterior

A group of young men have purchased

the old Capitol Theater on S Main St

and hope to restore its elegance.

Three of the cameos at the top are

of famous artists.

The informal partnership group that purchased the Capitol Theatre are Dave D’Agostin, Geoffrey Morris, Tom Talkington, Jim Nelson, Scott Johnson and Tom Clark.

Source: Rockfordiana – Theatres – 3,  p 62

Also: Rockford Register Star October 21, 1979