125 Lawn Place


House built 1900?  According to ad for sale of house.  First listing in city directory by address is 1907 owner Matthew Richmond. 1910 Federal Census lists spouse as Emily Richmond, 3 daughters at home in 1910.




Photographs from Realtor.com . 3 daughters married 1917-1918. One died (Mrs. James Rogers) in 1919. 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and 1 half bath, 2 car garage.

Other early residents include: Mrs. H. E. Shipley (a niece of Mr. Richmond) (1931), Carl J. and Dorothy Dolan (1947), Mrs. C. Capron (1929), Leslie Einhorn (1948), Max L. Richards (1935).  Some may have rented a room, as there were ads in the newspaper re: room for rent.  Source: newspaper ads and articles