Being a Boy in Old Rockford Number 206 Ransom’s Sanitarium

Source:  The Rockford Morning Star   Sunday, September 28, 1913  p.22

“Carrie Spafford, ” – Kathi Kresol

“Carrie Spafford, a life of sorrow – the tragedy of one of Rockford’s founding families”

by Kathi Kresol

Source: The Rock River Times, Oct. 8 – 14, 2014, Vol. 21, No. 51


Carrie’s romance with Elmer Ellsworth and his death, and the very closed deaths of her father, her husband, Frederick Brett, and their son, Charles Brett, are included in the article.


Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth

Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth

Friend of Abraham Lincoln

Zouave, amour of Carrie Spafford, Rockford

Page 89, Had read through first book of Blackstone

Pages 90 – 94, Studying law in Chicago, living on crackers, having severe headaches

Pages 257- 258, The story of his death



Source:  “Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, A Biography of Lincoln’s Friend and First Hero of the Civil War” by Ruth Painter Randall, B EL 64.1, Rockford Public Library Local History Collection