Lincoln Jr. High School, 1943 – 9 – 1 Class

Source: Lincoln Jr. High School, 1943 Abe’s Album yearbook, 9-1 Class


Guilford High School, 1966 – Seniors, Ad – Baa

Guilford High School, 1966 Valhalla Yearbook, Seniors Ad- Baa, page 67

Joseph Ahlgren, lives in Springfield, VA  – 2015

Thomas Allsbaugh was living in Aspen, CO  -1993, and later in Snowmass. CO as an engineer at The Little Nell



East High School, 1981 – Seniors, Ad – Bell

Source:  East High School, 1981 Argus Yearbook, Seniors Adams – Bell, p 254


Jefferson Junior High School, 1959 – Ninth Grade, Aa – Ash


Source: Jefferson Jr. High School, 1959 Jeff’s Journal Yearbook, p 17


Rockford East High School – 1946

East High 1

(Left to right) Beatrice Klint, Dolores De Camp, Marilyn Wisocki, working on “East Highlights” newspaper.

East High 2

Left to right: June Young, Charles Anderson, Wayne Thisell, Barbara Biggs, Barbara Groneman, working on “East Highlights” newspaper.

Source: Rockford East High School “Argus” Yearbook for 1946