Rockford Township farm Plat map – North West, 1957

Rockford Township plat NW

Source: Farm Plat Book, Winnebago County , 1957  Sponsored by Union Grange No. 811, Inc.

Love’s Park – 1917

Love's Park 2

“Water Front at Love’s Park”

Source: “Rockford 1917” R017.7331 R682r 1917

Malcolm A. Love bought land in 1901 on the east bank of the Rock River, north of what is now the Auburn St. Bridge.

The map below is from the 1905 Winnebago County Atlas.

Love's Park map

The land outlined in pink was the land purchase by Malcolm A. Love from Frances A. Weldon (farm).  The area at the southern tip was called “Love’s Park” and was vaguely across the Rock River from Harlem Amusement Park.

The blue line indicates the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad tracks. The vertical lines in approximately the center between the Eddy property (Village Green in 2015) and the Willoughby Property (Willoughby Ave.; Pino’s Restaurant in 2015) is North Main St.

Source: 1892 Winnebago County Atlas.