“Hotels lose without Waterfront, Airfest” – 2013


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Source: Rockford Register Star 8/11/2013



Kaney Aerospace, Jeff Kaney – 2018

Source: The Voice, February 2018, Vol. 31, No. 2


Northwest Quarterly – Winter 2017, Mfg. & Business Briefs

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2017, Vol. 14 No. 1, p. 255  Manufacturing and Business Briefs

Clark, Swede


Source: Rockford Register Star 2/22/2011

Rockford Airfest grounded – 2016, festival ended

Source:  Rockford Register Star December 17, 2016

Eleventh St., 4205

“Rockford Shuts Down Two 11th St. Motels”  The City of Rockford and the Rockford Police Department closed down 2 11th St. motels…the city obtained a temporary restraining order to close the Rockford Motel and the Sixpenny Inn. City leaders will go to court November 4th to ask that the motels be closed for an entire year, which is allowed under the statute.  Jennifer Cacciapaglia, Assistant City Attorney, said the city and Police Department have given the owner ample opportunities to clean things up, but to no effect.

Source: Rockford Register Star 10/26/2002

“Condemned motels to stay closed” This action comes (closure) after the city drew upon a seldom-used drug nuisance statute to temporarily shut down the Rockford Motel, 3851 11th St., and the Sixpenny Inn, 4205 11th St. Rockford Police have been called to the Sixpenny 447 times since January 2 on drug and prostitution complaints. The police have had 290 calls for the Rockford Motel.

Source: Rockford Register Star 11/19/2002

“Shuttered Motels for Sale” A Waukegan Bank is looking for Buyers  for two Rockford hotels that were shuttered a year ago. Rockford Motel, 3851 11th St. and Sixpenny Inn, 4205 11th St. were closed last October. The bank is financing a cleanup of the hotels so they can be shown to prospective buyers. Workers at the Sixpenny said they have replaced 47 windows and filled six Dumpsters with debris. Two notorious Rockford motels that have become havens for vandals and homeless people. City officials closed the Rockford Motel and Sixpenny Inn and evicted patrons October 2002, citing chronic drug and prostitution problems. The following month, the Winnebago County Circuit Court agreed to keep the hotels shut for at  least a year. Abdula hopes the properties go for between $1.1 million and $1.3 million. Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Cacciapaglia said the county was responsible for continued security at the motels after they were shut down, because the power to shut down a suspected drug house is, by statute, a county function, not a municipal one. Nonetheless, police records show Rockford cops were dispatched to the hotels 45 times…. Sheriff Dick Meyers said deputies made regular patrols of the abandoned motels from December  2002 until July 2003 when the bank hired a private company to patrol the area.

Source: Rockford Register Star 9/23/2003

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/3/2013