Main St., South, 119

Boner, John, res. over 119 S. Main, W.R.

Source: 1876 Rockford City Directory

Harry S. Hezlep, engineer Rockford Oat Meal Co., bds. Chick House

Hogan, Wm. L., solicitor Philippi’s, Rockford City Directory, bds. Chick House

Jacobus, Wm. A., billing clerk C and I Railway

Fred W. Huber, waybill clk, Am Ex Co. bds. Chick House

Jones, Geo O., engraver Rockford Engraving Co., Bds. Chick House

Joyce, Edward P., (Joyce Bros.) bds. Chick House

Joyce, Henry M. (Joyce Bros.) Chick House

Kennedy, Miss Marie, bds. Chick House

Lawrence, Chas. T., bkpr. John McDermaid, bds. Chick House

Sillick, Eugene, burnisher Rockford Silver Plate Co., bds Chick House

Smallwood, Charles H., artistic carriage painting, bds Chick House

Spellman, Miss Sarah, waitress Chick House, bds. same

Will & Tracy (W.H. Will and T.W. Tracy) Sample Rooms, Dealers in Wines, Kentucky Whiskies, gins, ale, porter, barreled and bottled beer, soft drinks, etc. If you want something rich, ask for their 10 year old bourbon. 119 S. Main

Chick House

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Jerome J. Blewfield, saloon; Mrs. Margaret Sadewater, residence

Source: 1911 Rockford City Directory
Chick Hotel Sign
Source: Chick Hotel sign in photo above from Rockford 1912 R917.7331 R682r Published by The Rockford Morning Star
Rockford Office Supply House

Source: 1921 Rockford City Directory

Rockford Office Supply, Mrs. Margaret Sadewater

Source: 1926 Rockford City Directory

Rockford Office Supply House

Source: 1930 Rockford City Directory

The Soda Bar

Soda Bar

Source: Rockford Register Star 2/21/1980

Rockford Office Supply House street view

Rockford Office Supply House street View







Main St., South, 111

Bullock, John collar maker, Hess & Hopkins Leather, bds Chick House, Bulock, J.W., wks Rockford Silverplate Co., bds Chick House Bullus, T.F., solderer, Rockford Silverplate Co, bds Chick House Megill, Miss Kate, cook Chick House, bds same Mensel, Miss Dora, chambermaid Chick House, bds. same Merchant Tailor Stock Co., Adolph Peterson, prest, Merchant tailors. Fine suitings and splendid fits.

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Schulein, A.E. shoes

Source: 1926 Rockford City Directory

Chick Hotel

Source: Republic 9/1/1923 & Register 1/19/1917 & Gazette 1/19/1917

A E & B Schulein, shoes

Source: 1905, 1911 Rockford City Directory

A.E. Schulein, J.T. Joslin, W.H. Sovereign, H.J. Wilcox

Source: 1916, 1921 Rockford City Directory

Main St., South and Elm St

Main & Elm Street

Source: above picture, Nuggets of History, Autumn 1982

Holland House Hotel

Source:   1874- 1875, 1876 City Directories

Main & Elm Street Main & Elm Street

Chick House, D.J. Stewart’s
Source: 1902 Rockford, Illinois (small 5 x 7″ booklet) Some Half-Tones of the Forest City from Fotografs by O. H. Wheat




Rockford Office Supply House – 2013

Rockford Office Supply House, 119 S. Main St., Rockford; Curtis and Jennifer Scribner, owners

“Established in 1909, the business still operates out of the original building on South Main Street.”

4 photographs, including 1 of Curtis and Jennifer Scribner

“Rockford Office Supply opened in 1909, in the historic Chick House, which was built in 1857.”

Source: Northwest Quarterly magazine, Summer/Fall 2013 pp 259-260