Unity Club Performance in Unity Hall of the Church of the Christian Union Rockford Morning Star May 20,1891

  1. Julia Wells  2. Grace Leonard  3. Etta Clark  4. Nettie Worthman  5. Mrs. G. Will Fish  6. Florence Bryant  7.  Winnifred Gray  8. Ethel Comings  9. Caroline Radecke  10. Martha Kennedy
  2. Mrs. Willis Kimball  12. Belle Elmore  13. Lossie Comings  14. Fannie Blinn  15. May Stewart  16. Alice Brown

Photo Source:  RPL Local History Photo Collection

Bradley and Bradley Architects – plus George Bradley obituary

First ad in newspaper as Wm. Bradley, Architect and Builder:  May 10, 1856, Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette

George Bradley served an apprenticeship at Architect and Builder in Boston, MA in 1850. Source: Death article, January 14, 1898, Rockford Daily Register-Gazette  George Bradley came to Rockford in 1855 according to same article, and constructed over 1000 buildings in Rockford by the time of his death in 1898.  His business was succeeded by his son, C.W. Bradley, who had been associated with him in architectural and construction work for 14 years.

Built 7 public schools, Wallach’s Block, Stewart Building, First Lutheran Church, First Congregational Church, Tinker Swiss Cottage, and T.D. Robertson residence.  Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, Jan. 14, 1898.

Burial in West Side Cemetery (name changed to Greenwood Cemetery).

Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette January 14, 1898









Welsh, Judge R.K.

“Father of R.K. Welsh Dead”  Thomas Welsh of Waukesha, WI died this morning of old age. A native of Scotland, he came to America 1841 and settled near Waukesha.

Source: Rockford Republic 5/20/1911

“..fixes sentences of ten culprits”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 10/19/1919

Judge Welsh

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/1/1922

Hon. Robert Kaye Welsh

Hon. Robert Kaye Welsh 2

Source: Rockfordiana  Lawyers M – Z

Robert K. Welsh

Source: Rockfordiana Lawyers M – Z

Robert K. Welsh

Source: Rockfordiana Lawyers M – Z

Robert K. Welsh

Source: Rockfordiana Lawyers M-Z

Robert K. Welsh






William Worth Burson #2 – 1913

Burson, W.W. - 3

Source:  The Rockford Republic April 13, 1913

Burson - 4

Burson, W.W. - 5

Unitarian Universalist Church – 2012

Unitarian Church

Source:  Northwest Quarterly magazine, Fall 2012, Vol. 9, No. 4, p 210

Main St., No., east side of 100 and 200 block

Church of Christian use

Source: Photograph from “Rockford Rocked” on www.facebook.com of the 100 and 200 block of No. Main St., not dated

The 200 Block includes the Church of the Christian Union and Memorial Hall. It also includes the Rockford Public Library. The library and Memorial Hall were not built and opened until 1903; this picture is later than 1903.


Main St., No., 201

Church of the Christian Union ext

Church of the Christian Union  [Unitarian Church]  dedicated in 1888

201 No. Main St., currently (2014) the parking lot immediately south of Veteran’s Memorial Hall.

Formed by disenchanted members of the First Baptist Church.

Source: Rockford: an illustrated history, by Jon Lundin, page 90.

Ch of Chris Union int

Stereograph of the interior of Church of the Christian Union.

Source: Local History collection of stereographs