“Civic Center’s start proposed” – 1-22-1975



Source: Rockford Register Republic 1-22-1975



“Civic Center financing asked” and also “Vets’ protests is ridiculous. mayor claims” – Oct., 1974

Vets’ protest article continues below

Source:  “Civic center financing asked”  from Rockford Morning Star, 10/1/1974

“Vets’ protest is ridiculous, mayor claims”  from “Rockford Register-Republic 10/8/1974

also found in Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers-1, pp 66 and 67


“Civic Center’s target is 1980” – 1974

Source:  Rockford Register Republic 9/5/1974

Rockfordiana:  Municipal Centers – 1,  page 62

***Demolition of old East Side Inn, 3 warehouses, Rockford Furniture Co. building, Rever’s Marina and railroad line would be involved in preparation for Civic Center area described. Described in Rockford Morning Star 9/27/1974


Rockford Metro Centre, 1981 – Stan Buckles

Source: Rockford Register Star Feb. 1, 1981

Rockford Metro Centre (or Civic Centre) efforts – 12/24/1976

Rockford voted down a Civic Center for roughly 50 years before one was built.

Source: Rockford Register-Republic 12/24/1976


Metro Centre

“Civic Center means six months of frenzy here.”

Gov. Daniel Walker’s signing of a $60 million civic center bill today apparently will touch off frenzied activities among Rockford officials in the next six months.  The bill provides $15 million in bonds for a civic center in Rockford.  Mayor Robert McGaw immediately said the city should consider extending tavern hours to 2:00a.m.  Currently taverns are required to close at 1:00a.m.

Source: Rockford Republic 9/4/1974   Rockfordiana Files: Municipal Centers – 1


Civic Center Plans Alive

Construction of a Civic Center is still planned near Rock River on the East side, Mrs. Katherine Petta, assistant to Mayor Robert McGaw said today.  Mrs. Petta said the park district’s Riverview Ice House skating complex will not occupy all the land available on the east bank in the downtown area.  The latest financial proposal was by Charles E. Boettcher, chairman…called for a motel-hotel tax similar to the one which has been in effect in Springfield for about one year.  Boettcher’s plan which he said would require state legislation because it would involve all of Winnebago County, would be a minimum tax of 2% of motel and hotel rental by transient guests.  Boettcher has estimated rate of income currently under such a tax would be $50,000 annual for each 1%.

Source:  Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers 1

Rockford Register March 25, 1974


* architect Charles Boettcher