“Metro Centre trouble may loom” and “County tax on hotels, motels…” Feb 1978

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic 2/2/1978 and Rockford Morning Star 2/4/1978 and in Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 2, p 8


See also applications and costs during home rule re: Metro Centre

Rockford Journal, May 25, 1978 – Page 1

Source:  Rockford Journal, Thursday, May 25, 1978

“County-wide tax could shift civic center site: St. Angel” – 1975, Home Rule is only city not county tax

Far left column continues:  see below        The MetroCentre events began in Feb. 1982

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 1-24-1975


Other county suggestions for location of a civic center included Springfield and Meridian; on Airport property along the river; and “near the Tollway.”