Rockford Township farm Plat map – North West, 1957

Rockford Township plat NW

Source: Farm Plat Book, Winnebago County , 1957  Sponsored by Union Grange No. 811, Inc.

River Bluff Nursing Home (and other history/names)

1853:  It was called the Winnebago County Farm and sometimes Winnebago County Poor Farm or The Almshouse

1883:  A section was added to the building to expand for additional residents

1953:  The name of the institution changed to Rockford Township Hospital and Nursing Home

1956: The name changed to River Bluff Nursing Home

We have a Rockfordiana File of W – River Bluff Nursing Home

We have a Cemetery Book of Winnebago County Farm Cemetery.

This is one of the yellowed original newspaper articles about the County Hospital from 1953. (The news never dies with us! We LOVE the history in the newspaper!)

River Bluff

Source: Rockford Morning Star March 15, 1953