Rockford Elks’ Club, 210 W. Jefferson Street, opened 1912. Architect: Chicagoan Lawrence E. Buck. Note green tiles.




Sources: Google Image captured May 2019, Rockford Republic, January 24, 1912.

“Centre parking draws concern” –

Source: Rockford Morning Star 5/21/1978

“New Alpine Bank Gets State Okay” – June 5, 1961

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic, June 5, 1961

Rockford Civic Newcomers Club – Fashion Show 9-7-1972

Source:  Rockford Civic Newcomers Club scrapbooks


D.J. Stewart & Co. “Swing to Fall Fashions” – 1966

Swing to Fall - 1

Source:  Rockford Morning Star August 4, 1966

Swing to Fall - 2

Franklin Pl., 1011 Remodel by Jesse Barloga, architect

Frahnklin Pl., 1011 - 1

1011 Franklin Place

Source:  Marty Mangas photo ca. 1968-1972      Remodel Commissioned by Clarence Goodwillie

Franklin Place, 1011 - 2

Source of photo: Jan Carter, 2011

Franklin Place, 1011 - 3

Source of photo:  Jan Carter, 2011

Some early residents included:

1902:  Dr. Wm H. Fitch, wife Catherine; physician, surgeon and oculist, resided 1011 Franklin Pl.

1903-4:  Mrs. Florida L. Manny, widow of John, resided 1011 Franklin Place

1905-07:  Melancthon S. Brown, wife Ednah T., secretary and treasurer D J Stewart & Co., resided 1011 Franklin Pl

1908-1912 Kate F. O’Connor; Real Estate, Loans & Insurance, Pension Attorney and Notary Public, res 1011 Franklin Pl

1914:   John W. Kizer, wife Louise, secretary and treasurer Emerson -Brantingham Co. Implement Co. reside 1011 Franklin Pl

1916 – (1919/ and longer?) Fred L. Tritle, wife Angeline, manager Illinois Inspection Bureau, 208 Brown Bldg., reside 1011 Franklin Pl.

Source:  Rockford City Directories





Main St., No., 819

Main St., No., 819

The home at 819 No. Main St. as owned by C. W. Brown, who was an owner of Stewart & Co. according to the 1899 City Directory, which later became D.J. Stewart and Co. and in 2014, is know as Stewart Square at Main St. and West State St.  M. S. Brown, also listed in the 1899 as an owner of Stewart & Co., also lived in this house in 1899, and a “domestic servant,”  Miss Mary Kullber, lived there, too.  In 1909 Melancthon S. Brown, formerly listed at M. S. Brown, was listed with his wife, Ednah T. Brown, as living in the house, and still an owner and Treasurer of Stewart & Co.. The black and white photograph above was found on page 38 of “1902 Rockford, Illinois” by Wheat.

Main St., No., 819 in 2011

The color photo is of the house at 819 No. Main St. in 2011, photo by Jan Carter.