Old Stone School Centennial – 1957

Old Stone Sch

Source: Rockford Journal Jan. 24, 1957

D.J. Stewart & Co. “Swing to Fall Fashions” – 1966

Swing to Fall - 1

Source:  Rockford Morning Star August 4, 1966

Swing to Fall - 2

Rockford Germania Gesang-Verein – 1925


“at Germania Hall, So. Madison St.  Prize Waltz at 11 p.m., elimination series for grand prize. Music by Harry Anderson’s Seven. Ladies before 8:30 free.  On Friday Eve., Carnival Repeat, with Joe Kayser’s Big Band – best dance orchestra in middle west.  Popular Prices – don’t miss the fun.  On Saturday Eve., Seeley’s Pasadenas from Sterling – radio broadcasting orchestra. Next week – 5 big nites. All old, tickets and comps good any date — try our Spciability tonight.”

Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, December 17, 1925